Today’s Trades

My Today’s Trades with Logic + Real Order Book

BNF was trading perfectly inside of previous day’s Daily Candle. It was Sell on Rise for me in the morning as BNF didn’t cross Previous Day’s High (PDH). I was keen whether it crosses today’s morning Low & goes down further. It has created a ideal Inside Bar on Daily Chart & would be buy on Dips for me Tomorrow. I traded on Shooting Stars/ Gravestone Doji’s today, buying PEs. Last trade was on CE when after 2.45 as expected since it following inside Bar pattern while I was watching Daily candle today.

Although it today’s Shooting Star didn’t appear exactly at Top of the trend, but it was in important resistance Area. Hence I wanted to trade it. It was in the same Supply Area of PDH zone & was a high probable Trade. One could have taken entry there or even after VWAP breakdown, keeping PDH as SL. Reward was 1:2
My Few Trade Entries- one of my a/c. You get rewarded by following charts & not the gut feeling!

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