Decoding Markets for Better Learning

  • Breakout V/s Fake-Out!

    …Trading without Indicator Continued Professional Traders & Large Institutions buy at a low price & sell at higher price. They create illusionary scenarios to lure retail traders/investors & trap them with temporary fall/rise in price. Let’s understand this with an example.  Let’s talk about Bank Nifty “Our Darling”.

  • How to trade Gap Down?

    Now a days, intraday traders are getting trapped in BNF. Its a cyclic phase where BTST or STBT traders are minting huge rewards but intraday is having least opportunities for ling time. Index either opens huge gap up or down & then either goes in opposite direction or consolidates. So how do we trade these […]

  • Moving Average – Important Trading Indicator

    Moving Averages act as important tool in Trend Identification. In the picture, despite of huge gap up opening, all MAs are below VWAP, candles are also below VWAP. Hence its a Sell on Rise Day, every rise will be sold aggressively unless candles start staying above VWAP with volume.

  • Trading as Full Time Career

    If Any Body Has The Habit Of Losing Money Consistently, First Thing You Need To Do Is Keep Money In Your Trading Account , Be In Front Of The Terminal Watching The Markets & Not Trade For Atleast 20 Sessions It Works How It Works You Are First Controlling Yourself Data , Analysis , Charts […]

  • We are World’s Largest Market?

    Do you know that India is the world’s largest derivatives market? The National Stock Exchange of India cemented its place as the largest derivatives exchange in the world in 2021. Mumbai-based NSE traded 17.3 billion contracts in 2021, followed by the Brazilian B3 with 8.76 billion. Proud to be Indian!

  • Roller Coaster Opening- Trades on 17 Oct 22

    What an opening candle! Opened gap up & gave up all the gains in the opening candle. It reversed from day Low & crossed day high within half hour. Whenever stock, index crosses its morning high or low within first 30 min & remains there for next 30 minutes, it most becomes a trending day. […]

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I am a FULL TIME Trader & Bank Nifty Lover in day time. Movie Freak at night. Passionate about Price Action in Stocks, Crypto & Forex.

Started exploring Stock Market since 2007-2008 I opened my first Demat A/c in 2009 for investment purpose. Gradually scaled up in 2014. I started Technical Analysis study in 2011. I was an amateur investor until then. I am trading F&O since 2016.

Overall, I have 17 years of corporate experience. Fortunate to having worked with Big Telcos like Airtel, BPL, Vodafone Telenor & Reliance Jio! I became Full Time Trader in Jan 2022. Investment & Trading is my Passion, Love.

I am a diversified investor believing in different Asset classes including Stocks, Debt funds, Gold, Property, ETFs, MFs & Crypto.

Disclosure– I am not a SEBI Registered investment advisor. We are not responsible for your Profit/Loss. Please consult your Financial Advisor before acting on any opinion. :


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