Saishayu Option Scalpers Daily Trades,Educational Decoding Bank Nifty – Darling of most Traders

Decoding Bank Nifty – Darling of most Traders

I am an Intraday Trader, Bank Nifty Lover & a Movie Freak. We at Saishayu Option Scalpers simply LOVE Bank Nifty (referred as BNF henceforth) for its volatility. This immense volatility gives rise to its momentum, which is the sole reason why BNF attracts every Trader like a magnet.

We are going to share our trades, logic & reasons for entering into day’s Trades through this platform. Hope this initiative helps you all learn & understand BNF behavior to trade it effectively.

Bank Nifty Trades on 12th Oct. Trade entry highlighted on candle with specific reasons at oscillators.

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